Tigers International events offering taste around the globe

Campus dining options at the University of West Alabama don’t normally include Samovar-brewed Russian teas, dalgona candies from Korea, French crepes or street-style Asian fusion delicacies. But that changes briefly next week when the UWA Office of International Programs hosts the university’s first International Education Week. Over five days, international student volunteers will present programs that will educate the campus community about their nations’ cultures.

Calhoun County is littered with place names that are fading into history

Way up in Calhoun County’s northeastern hills, hard against the western edges of the Wolf and August Mine mountain ridges, is a pinprick of a place called Philadelphia. Its heartbeat, Philadelphia Baptist Church, has dispensed sermons since 1888. Along the drive there from Piedmont is a visual of rural Alabama: rusted barns and pasturelands, summertime crops and a smattering of ranch-style homes, a canopy of oaks and pines shading the winding, twisting road.
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